Friday, August 29, 2008

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Features Desk The StarPublication Date: 27-08-2008
Touted as the youngest tower climber in Malaysia, four-year-old Muhammad Syahrulnizam Mohd Noor is training hard to set another record by climbing the 325 metre-high Eiffel Tower in Paris five times this December in the spirit of Merdeka.
His father Mohd Noor Mat Amin, a senior photographer with a Malay daily, is closely guiding his son and will be accompanying the little boy to France.
Muhd Syahrulnizam carved his name in the Malaysia Book of Records this year when he became the youngest climber to go up KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur on June 6.
The father-and-son team are expected to leave for France in November for a two-week training stint in Paris before tackling the Eiffel Tower.
'Well, he has been attending quite difficult training sessions and has shown no signs of quitting,' Mr Mohd Noor said here on Tuesday.
Mohd Noor, 41, said his son would be the youngest Malaysian to accomplish the overseas feat if he completes the climb.
'I am confident that my son will make it to the top and we will fly the Malaysian flag from the top of the tower,' he said.
Both Mohd Noor and his son climbed 432 steps up the newly opened 19-storey Felda Residence Hotel, here over two days on Saturday and Sunday.
They climbed the stairs, 51 times, to match the years of the nation's independence.
On Wednesday, they will go up KL Tower 51 times in their Merdeka Climb 2008 campaign.
'Both of us have the stamina to complete the climb as I make it a daily routine to climb several flights of stairs at our apartment block in Kuala Lumpur,' Mohd Noor said.
'Muhd Syahrulnizam has yet to complain of aches or cramps.'