Thursday, October 8, 2009


Who is attempting this

   Mohd Noor Mat Amin, a man from Terengganu, the east cost of Malaysia. He was born in February 1967 in Kuala Terengganu. He began his career as a photographer for the Malaysia mainstream newspaper, Utusan Malaysia from 1993 until now.

   He was a former team members for Mount Everest Climbing Project for Malaysia in 1997. His task was to capture and to report back news and progress of the team to Malaysia. This was very significant to him as this was also the first project from the country to send climbers to conquer the summit. At the height of 17,500feet above sea level, his challenges were to develop photos and sent it back to Malaysia.
   Mohd Noor Mat Amin is a humble and simple man but has a strong will power to move forward and challenges .With his motto “I can, we can”, he would like to show that sports does not complicated, its only need discipline and patient.
   On July 10 until 10th of September 2007, he was again in the line light in Malaysia as he had successfully scaled Mount of Kinabalu in Sabah, the east of Malaysia for 50 times in 60days. His victory has been recognized by the Malaysian book of records as the first human kind to scale the mountain for 50 times. As per record, there was no one ever been scaled the mountain in such a numbers.
   Later in February 1st 2008 he again managed to record himself again as the first man to finish climbing staircase for 30 time of Kuala Lumpur tower, the fourth highest telecommunication tower in the world. Again his attempt had been recorded in the Malaysia books of records. His success had inspired his son to follow his footsteps. At the age of 4 his son has successfully sets his records as the youngest ever to climb stairs in one hour, thirteen minutes and also been recognized as the record holder

How will he do it
   He will attempt to climb solo without assistance for 111days up and down of which the count will start from the departure gate and recorded as one climb upon reaching back to the departure gate. He must reach the summit before make way back to the gate. Then only the Sabah parks (which been the gorvertment body, managing the parks and its activities) will validate the attempt. Even though it will be a solo climb, the guides appointed by the parks will monitor and recorded his time. The time keeper will ensure that those pictures taken will be printed with date and time taken as evidence. The trails will start on 1st December 2009 until 21 Mach 2010.

How is it measured? What is the records base an?
   It will be measured and count as a successfully climb as he reached back to the departure gate (typhoon gate). Every attempt will start at 07.00am daily regardless of the weather or conditions and must reach the summit, at 4,095 meter above sea level. The propose record climbing will take place for 111days with 111times of climbing.

Why are you doing this
   It is part of the Malaysian slogan in sport “Malaysia boleh” or Malaysian can. Mount kinabalu is a very special to him as it in the highest peak of the crooker range and also the highest peak in south East Asia. He also wants to promote climbing as part of healthy sport especially to the young generation.
   Besides that he wanted to show to the world that mount kinabalu is the place that should be in their tour destination.